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Harvest 2008

The Pinot Noir is in. The Chardonnay is in and we've picked Primitivo! Harvest started for us on September 2 and its been going non-stop through the 14th. We should have a couple of days to catch our breath then on to the merlot and cab. They're up in sugar but we're expecting a cool week, so we'll let them get some 'hang time' and develop all those wonderful flavors.

Some of the photos are from the blessing of the grapes at Chateau Montelena. In one photo you'll see Jim Barrett (elder in the blue shirt) and Bo Barrett (green shirt and hat), who is now the master winemaker at Chateau Montelena. The grapes in the photos are ours.

Everyone joined in this year including the little ones...who picked in the cool of the night and then stomped...the boys would of stomped all day!

08-new-pickers-007.jpg (33kb) 08-new-pickers-001.jpg (38kb) 08-new-pickers-005.jpg (30kb) 08-new-pickers-006.jpg (40kb) 08-new-pickers-009.jpg (26kb)
08-new-pickers-010.jpg (34kb) 9-6-harvest-001.jpg (30kb) 9-6-harvest-002.jpg (31kb) 9-6-harvest-003.jpg (51kb) 9-6-harvest-004.jpg (42kb)
9-6-harvest-009.jpg (37kb) 9-6-harvest-011.jpg (27kb) 9-6-harvest-012.jpg (50kb) 9-6-harvest-013.jpg (51kb) 9-6-harvest-015.jpg (27kb)
9-6-harvest-016.jpg (33kb) 9-6-harvest-017.jpg (56kb) 9-6-harvest-019.jpg (70kb) 9-6-harvest-025.jpg (52kb) 9-6-harvest-028.jpg (57kb)
9-6-harvest-032.jpg (32kb) 9-6-harvest-033.jpg (62kb) 9-6-harvest-034.jpg (26kb) 9-6-harvest-038.jpg (32kb) 9-6-harvest-042.jpg (33kb)
9-6-harvest-043.jpg (29kb) 9-6-harvest-046.jpg (39kb) 9-6-harvest-047.jpg (40kb) 9-6-harvest-048.jpg (38kb) 9-6-harvest-049.jpg (27kb)
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